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Roe deer crest

Crest of the Roe Deer, located in the Pedraforca , Berguedà, When we talk about the Pedraforca, apart from being an emblematic mountain of Catalonia I could say that it is the cradle of alpine climbing in Catalonia, make the ridge of the roe deer Calderer is a compulsory subject for all Pyrenees.

The crest of roe deer is without a doubt a unique activity that culminates in the peak of the caldera with its 2491 meters above sea level, with the option of reaching the top of Pedraforca , which would make the activity a little longer.

The route of the ridge is 3 to 6 hours, ridge and 1.30 descent.

During the route we will have to overcome climbing steps that reach the top 3 and two incredible abseils one of 30 meters and another of 28 meters, one of them takes us to the cat, a needle without any authentic that will not leave us indifferent, we'll see how he stays there with his feline needles
  no matter how much happens in the days,.

If you want to do this authentic activity, contact us !!



  • 1 person: 175 €

  • 2 people: 95 € / pers.

The price of the activity includes:

  • Helmet

  • Talabard

  • Anchor heads and eight.

  • Insurance to do the activity

  • Photographic report

  • Snack after the activity

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