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Introduction to the via Ferradas

Ferrata introductory course: Course in which the aim is to give students the basic contents to make introductory via ferratas, to know the material used in the via ferratas, what difficulties the via ferratas have, such as graduate, how to read about the legend and we will also learn how to ride a rappel and how to secure a partner or be assured. We will teach small tools to overcome complicated points on the via ferrata, always with safety and first aid.

Course objectives.

  • Get to know the facilities.


  • Riding a Rappel


  • Secure the Rappels


  • Assure a partner

  • First aid.


  • Progress safely


  • Lock key.

  • Interpret reviews of via ferratas

Course duration: The introductory course on the via ferrata, we will divide it into two parts on the first day, where we will make a presentation of the group, explanations of the material, and a little practice on how to progress within the via ferrata safely, and where they will leave. doubts and questions. Then we will do an introductory via ferrata to put into practice everything we have learned.

On the second day we will do a review of everything we worked on the day before and then we will do an introductory via ferrata where we will go with more autonomy and give small resources to students to overcome steps or sections that are difficult for us.

Individual Material


  • Water and food.


  • Comfortable clothes.


  • Comfortable slippers (preferably hiking boots.)


  • A small backpack

  • Individual material, to get acquainted (Optional.)



1 person ...................... 200€

2 People .................... € 145€

3 people or more consult




  • Sports coach.

  • Accident insurance

  • Civil liability.

  • Activity material.

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