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101 LLacs

101 Lakes:

The crossing of 101 lakes is  straddling the southern part of Andorra and the Cerdanya in the  eastern Pyrenees. Cross  of four days with a distance of more than 49 kilometers with a positive difference of more than 3252 meters and a negative difference of more than 3252 meters. With a lowest point located to 1236 (msnm.) and to the highest point to 2838 (msnm .) We will cross different places like  the Madriu Valley, the Circ de Pessons, Vall de la Llosa and the Circ dels dels Estanys de la Pera, a Bucolic place that calms, tranquility and peace would be the words that would best define this place, it is one of the areas with the most of lakes, origin of the ice age that suffered the Pyrenees (Quaternary era.) with a blue hue, no hue will seem the same, which certainly will not leave us indifferent, which will make us stare at this such a beautiful area, where at night we will breathe fresh air and tranquility, where at night we can enjoy the skies full of rubber rubber stars, we will sleep in amazing places, such as the Island refuge, irrigation head irrigation and Pradells Refuge ..Trvaessia with a great quality in terms of flora and fauna, where we will combine walking with learning, about the different corners we will pass and learn a little about flora and fauna and history.

Will you miss out on this amazing four day trip?


  1. Engloasters Ponds-Island Refuge

  2. Island Shelter-Cape Shelter Rec.

  3. Cap de Rec-Refuge Estanys de la Pera Refuge.

  4. Estanys de la Pera Refuge.-Estanys d 'Engloasters

Day 1:  From Estanys d'Engloasters (1622msnm.) To Refugi de l'Illa (2488.) First day of departure, which connects Estanys d'Esgloasters with the Refugi de l'Illa. In the early hours of the morning we will be (Escaldes Engordany.) Near the bridge of the coarse Andorra, point where the itinerary begins (Gr-7.) Once we are all there we will review the material and explain all the days of the itinerary, with uneven distances and possible technical difficulties, after prayers and questions, we will put on our backpacks and start the day. We could define the hardest day on a gradient scale, as we will make a positive gradient of a1316 meters, for sure we will get it! These stages along the route take place through the Madriu Valley - a perafita declared a cultural landscape of World Heritage by UNESCO. Without a doubt it is an area with great beauty, in which we will enjoy the stunning views it will give us. From the bridge of the tosca we will go towards Refugi de font verd, area where the black pine predominates once in the refuge of green fountain we will go towards plain of the English and refuge rivers of the orris, during this route, with a little luck we will have some small companions, such as chamois and mouflons. we fall in love with this area where we will breathe tranquility and it seems that time will not pass .... From this point to the refuge of the island we will have very little left. Before reaching the island's refuge, see the imposing Bova Lakes and Round Lake. In no time we will reach our destination refuge on the island. Where a great dinner awaits us to regain strength and at night a sky lit to the brim with stars that will leave us stunned.

Distance: 10 kilometers

Hours: 7 p.m.

Elevations: + 1316m / -99m

Day 2: From Refugi de l'Illa to Refugi cap de rec (1960msnm.) After resting and gaining strength with a good breakfast, we will pack our backpacks and start this magnificent second day, heading to the sparrow cabin, this day. It is the day that we will make less positive difference of 396 meters. We will pass by the lake of the island with some tones in the early hours of the morning that will not leave us indifferent, we will be able to contemplate this majestic lake a few minutes, enough to gain strength, we will take to the GR-11 along the Valcivera plain, this section is the section where we will do almost everything on the accumulated difference in level, after this slope, we will make a good section that plans quite a bit where we will continue parallel to the Valcivera river, until we reach the cabin of 'esparvers, once in the cabin of espavalers, we will take direction Refugi cap del Rec, taking at almost all times, parallel to the river of the slab, At the end of the itinerary we will leave as a reference to the river and we will go to the shelter head of irrigation, where they will wait for us, another idyllic corner where we will have dinner and spend the night.

Distance: 14 kilometers

Hours: 5 hours approximately.

Elevations: + 396 / - 918

Day 3: From Refugi cap de reg to Refugi estanys de la Pera (2357 masl.) by the Gr-11-10, once we arrive at the refuge cap de rec we will go towards refuge estanys de la Pera, at the refuge cap de rec we will make a stop to regain strength and make the last stretch, where the last climbs await us and almost reaching the refuge will begin to plan again, before arriving at the refuge of Estanys de la Pera we will look at the ponds of the pear, with a great panorama that surely will not leave us indifferent the effort has been worthwhile, Congratulations Companys!

Distance: 10 kilometers

Hours: 4.30am

Elevations: +975 m / -575m

Day 4: From Estanys de l'Espera to Estanys d'Engloasters (1622 meters above sea level), we will head towards Estany gran and bassot del claror. distance level 15 kms, very interesting this day, as we will pass through real corners and that will leave us with surprises, such as peak of the neck of the bar (2631msnm.), black peak of Urgell (2491msnm.) and refuge of Claror. after this section we will head to the perafita refuge, where we will make a short stop, before making the final stretch to Engolasters Lake, where we will begin this magical four-day journey

Distance: 15 kilometers

Hours: 6.30am.

Elevations: + 589m / -1710m

Note: We have the option of doing the crossing with one more day, ie it would be a 5-day itinerary, with a cumulative difference in altitude of 4379 and 67 kilometers of route.

  1. Engloasters Ponds-Island Refuge

  2. Illa-Hostal Grau Roig refuge

  3. Hostal de Grau Roig - Irrigation head shelter.

  4. Cape Rce.-Estanys de l'Illa refuge

  5. Estanys Refuge on Engolasters Island Island

Prices: Crossing 4 days.

  • Group 4 people: 380.13 € euros Per Person.

  • Group of 5 people: € 340.10  euros Per Person.

  • Group 6 people: 313.42 € euros Per Person.

  • Group 7 people: 294.36 euros Per Person. 

  • Group 8 people: 280.06 € euros Per Person.

  • Group 10 or + people: See.  


Prices: 5 day crossing.

  • Group 4 people: 583.54 € euros Per Person.

  • Group of 5 people: € 528.83  euros Per Person.

  • Group 6 people: 492.36 € euros Per Person.

  • Group 7 people: 466.31 euros Per Person. 

  • Group 8 people: 446.77 € euros Per Person.

  • Group 9 or + people See.



The price of the trip includes:

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Photographic Report.

  • Overnight, meals  of the Refuge and picnic. (Showers do not enter.)

     What's not included in the price:

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • drinks and extra meals.

  • Expenses for abandoning the route,

  • Safety route changes / weather changes.

Individual Material.

  • High cane mountain boots

  • It is essential to wear suitable mountain clothes for the activity, (long pants, shorts, short t - shirts and some long breathable. raincoat covers backpack for rain and poncho, sun hat caps for nights optional.

  • Breathable raincoat and jacket,

  • Telescopic trekking poles.

  • Sun protection (sunscreen, minimum factor 3 sunglasses,)

  • Lunch for the first day  (sandwich  proper food.) 

  • Sheet bag

  • Water, front

  • Backpack suitable for the activity.

For further information:


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