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Via ferrata

The via ferrata consists of vertical or horizontal progression with the help of Tibetan bridges.  chains, staples ... Always anchored to a lifeline.

We offer via ferrata for all levels from beginner to intermediate level and advanced level .

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Snow shoes

We offer a variety of outings and excursions with  snowshoes throughout the territory and at all levels from beginner to advanced level.


We also have two sleepers at your disposal  five days and snowshoeing on the full moon.


Via ferratas

A via ferrata consists in the vertical or horizontal progression with the help of Tibetan bridges, chains, stemples… Always anchored to a lifeline (steel cable)!


We offer you via ferratas for all levels, from beginners to intermediate or advanced.


Water ravines

The ravines consist of going down a stretch of a river or torrent, always downhill, making jumps, slides, protrusions, handrails and abseils of different heights, combined with swimming.


Depending on the ravines and the time of year we have aquatic ravines and dry ravines (no flow).


Water trekkings

A water trekking consists in descending a stretch of river, by swimming, walking or jumping at different heights (jumps are always optional).

This is a perfect activity not only for the youngest members, but also to enjoy with the whole family as well. A water trekking is also a perfect choice before going for a canyon!

joc de l oca.

Dry ravines

In dry ravines it consists, like a water ravine when descending, of a stretch of ravine, torrent or gorge. Using abseiling maneuvers, handrails, guided abseils, etc. But in these ravines we will not find water or little water, another difference is that we will not make jumps or slides and we will not need to use wetsuits. In the dry ravines, it is a perfect activity to get started in the exciting world of ravines,


Rackets  in full moon

Have you ever taken snowshoeing on a full moon? An amazing activity in which you will enjoy a unique environment, where we will not need headlights or any kind of light, where we will enjoy the moonlight that will guide us during all on our way. Perfect activity to do with the whole family.

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We offer a wide range of snowshoe outgoings and trips throughout the territory, and for all levels from beginners to advanced.

We have at your disposal routes from two to five days and snowshoeing outings on full moon nights.



​We have different crossings at our disposal, we adapt our crossings to the users, we make crossings in snowy terrain and in non-snowy terrain, We have at our disposal from the crossroads of the heart of the Pallars to more demanding crossroads like wind horses and door of heaven. For more information, contact us.


 Hiking and Trekking 

In Pyrenees Extrem, we have different routes of great interest, all over the Pyrenees, pre-Pyrenees and incredible areas  as is the mountain of Montserrat, You can accompany us to the roof of Catalonia which is the sink of states with its 3143 meters above sea level how to make the incredible 360 degree turn on the mountain of Montserrat.



We could define the ridges as a very aesthetic access line to the summit. They are usually aerial and of varying difficulty. Climbing requires knowing how to apply to specific resources and techniques in order to progress safely.

We have at our disposal beginner level, intermediate level and expert ridges.



We have at our disposal different trainings, from initiation to canyoning to initiation to the via ferrata, perfecting to canyoning and orientation below we will detail the different possibilities, for any other training, you can consult us.

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