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Dry ravines

In dry ravines it consists, like a water ravine when descending, of a stretch of ravine, torrent or gorge. Using abseiling maneuvers, handrails, guided abseils, etc. But in these ravines we will not find water or little water, another difference is that we will not make jumps or slides and we will not need to use wetsuits. In the dry ravines, it is a perfect activity to get started in the exciting world of ravines, to do specific training such as self-rescue, advanced canyoning maneuvers and to do in cold weather, as they do not carry water.

Activity where we will discover  incredible corners like the mountain of Montserrat, in a very different way that is making a ravine, which without a doubt will not leave you indifferent, the magic of Montserrat!


   Dry ravines we offer:

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