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Gate of heaven


  1. Tavascan-Camping de Graus

  2. Camoing de Graus-Certascan Refuge

  3. Certascan Refuge-Pinet Refuge.

  4. Pinet Refuge-Vallfarrera Refuge.

  5. Vallfarrera-Tavascan refuge.

The Gate of Heaven:

The Gate of Heaven: When we talk about the Gate of Heaven, we are talking about one of the most spectacular circular high mountain crossings we can do in the Pyrenees, distributed in five stages (four nights and five days.).
This trek is located in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, is in the largest natural park in Catalonia distributed between the counties of Pallars sobirà and Alt Urgell and in the Pyrénées Ariégeoises Regional Natural Park. this crossing connects a network of a campsite, which is in the Graus Camping, located in a privileged place and in the Refuges of Certascan, Pinet and Vallferrera with an idyllic character that will take each of us into a spectacular corner and we will make you dream, where at rest we will have guaranteed for sure, The route has a cumulative elevation gain of 11000 meters with a distance of 65 kilometers. During the tour we will go through bucolic places such as the blue lake, certascan lake, romedo lake and state lake, each with shades of blue that will leave us enchanted and we will not tire of contemplating these incredible places, which seem to be waiting for us. During the route we will crown the sky of Catalonia which is at the top of the Pica d'Estats with 3143 (msnm.) Peak of certascan 2852 (msnm.) And if we have enough strength we will be able to do at the top of Gabarró (3105.) and Montcalm ( 3077 masl.). In the natural park of the High Pyrenees, it has a great quality such as large expanses of black pine groves and varieties as curious as the arnica in terms of flora and fauna with a little luck we can see protected species such as otters and rats of water
To do this trek, you must have a minimum of physical shape and be accustomed to walking on high mountains, as everything on the route on high mountain terrain.

Day 1:
From Tavascan (1,116m) Camping de Graus (1,360m) We will stay in the middle of the morning in the town of Tavascan, where once the feedback of the trip and review the material and resolve any doubts, we will start until Graus campsite where we will have dinner and sleep, we recommend something to eat for this day (sandwich / something comfortable.) Although it is a short and non-technical route, it is a very beautiful and diverse path, where we will cross the charming village of Tavascan, then on the path that follows the river Tavascan, Then on the way we go around green meadows until we reach the campsite of Graus where we are waiting.

Distance: 4.2 kms
Hours: 1 h 30 min
Elevations: +290 m, / -50 m

Day 2
Camping de Graus (1,360 m) Certascan Refuge (2,240 m) Day that awaits us a great difference in altitude, so we will get up early and gather strength with a good breakfast, We will take the road towards Quaca and Noarre, idyllic place where we will have some Incredible views, over the Sierra dels Canals and Sierra de Causes, we will discover the blue lakes with their wonderful shades of blue, a place we will take the opportunity to stop and learn about the formation of the lakes of the Pyrenees. Once rested we will set off towards the neck of certascan, although it has a good gradient no. It is a very long road, where if all goes well we will make the imposing summit of certascan (2586 masl), where we will have a great panorama of the area with the lake of certascan de Fons. We will go down to Lake Certascan where we will spend the night in the refuge of Certascan, located in a privileged area.
We calculate about 6; 20 hours.

Distance: 12.5 kms
Hours: 6 h 20 min
Elevations: +1,500 m, / -620 m

Day 3:
  Certascan Refuge (2,240 m) Pinet Refuge (2,240 m) Stage with a steep slope, less than the previous day, We will leave very soon, after a very strong breakfast, we will go towards Romedo de Dalt and Romedo de Baix lakes, where once we arrive, we will have great views of this bucolic place. which will give us a great view over the valleys, we will go down to the pine forest refuge. , we will enjoy the impressive slopes on the French valleys some great cliffs! At approximately 7:45 am, we will reach the pine forest refuge.
Distance: 13.3 kms
Hours: 7h 45min
Elevations: +1,350 m, / -1,350 m

Refuge de Pinet (2,240 m) Refugi de Vallferrera (1,940 m) At this stage we could define as one of the most beautiful, where we will make the emblematic pica d'Estats (3143 masl) roof of Catalonia, We will leave the refuge of pine soon , we will head towards the state lake and Mnotcalm lake, where we will immediately reach a height, a section with a steep slope to the comet pass, where we will have beautiful views of the different valleys, and we will be able to watch different peaks. If we see each other with enough strength we will make the summit of Montcalm (3077 masl,) We will make the pica d'Estats and Punta de Gabarró (3114 masl). although having a good gradient is not one of the hardest. Depending on the peaks we want, we will go down the port of the river or to the port of Sotllo towards the refuge of Vallfarrera (Catalonia.) Where creating these lakes will surely leave us amazed by its charm, we will calculate about 7:45 minutes for this incredible day.

Distance: 13.3 kms
Hours: 7 h 15 min
Elevations: + 1,100, / -1,400 m.

Day 5:
Vallferrera refuge (1,940 m) Tavascan (1,116 m) Last day of the journey which is the longest, but also the easiest in the area of unevenness, after dawn and gaining strength in the Vallferrera refuge, we will the backpacks and we will go to the plain of socauba and Baborte lake, where it is in the beautiful refuge of Baborte (2392 masl) one of the last sections of ascent, once the lake of Baborte we will be able to enjoy this charming corner of, after a short break to be able to enjoy these panoramic views, we will take the flat direction of Boavi, here it is almost all downhill and we will link the long track to Tavascan, We will calculate about 8 hours. Once in Tavascan we will have the option to sleep in the Graus campsite or the Hotel de Tavascan, it is the best option, as the next day we can go down more rested.

Distance: 20.3 kms
Hours: 9:30 a.m.
Elevations: +1,315 m, -2,100 m

Distance: 20.3 kms
Hours: 9:30 a.m.
Elevations: +1,315 m, -2,100 m

Important: The budget is for four nights in a full board shelter and five days of travel, if on the last day, instead of going down directly, customers want to stay in bed will have an extra supplement, which will be borne by customers. We recommend that day you go to sleep in the shelter to rest.


  • Group 2 people  € 715 per person.

  • Group of 3 people: € 570 per person.

  • Group of 4 people: € 495 per person.

  • Group 5 people: € 452 per person.

  • Group 6 people: € 425 per person. 

  • Groups of more than 6 people, see.

The price of the trip includes:

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Photographic Report.

  • Overnight, meals  of the Refuge and picnic. (Showers do not enter.)

     What's not included in the price:

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • drinks and extra meals.

  • Expenses for abandoning the route,

  • Safety route changes / weather changes.

Individual Material.

  • High cane mountain boots

  • It is essential to wear suitable mountain clothes for the activity, (long pants, shorts, short T - shirts and some long breathable. raincoat covers backpack for rain and poncho, sun hat caps for nights optional.

  • Breathable raincoat and jacket,

  • Telescopic trekking poles.

  • Sun protection (sunscreen, minimum factor 3 sunglasses,)

  • Lunch for the first day  (sandwich  proper food.) 

  • Sheet bag

  • Water, front

  • Backpack suitable for the activity.


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