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Wind Horses

Wind horses: It is a circular route located between the counties of Alt Urgell Cerdanya and Berguedà within the Natural Park of Cadí and moixeró Pre-Pyrenees with its emblematic peak on the southern slope, the Pedraforca (2505 meters above sea level) and with an impressive north slope with the appearance of an inhospitable steep rock that invites to be visited by the most curious. The natural park of Cadí i Moixeró has a great wealth in terms of flora and fauna, it will surely surprise you and will not leave you indifferent. The wind horse crossing is a circular route, which connects a network of eight shelters, located in an idyllic setting with spectacular nooks and crannies, some of them with spectacular views of the northern slope of the Cadí, such as the Prat d'Aguiló refuge The route is 74 kilometers long and a cumulative drop of more than 5200 meters is a 5-day journey. This trek is recommended for people who are used to walking in the mountains. You must have a minimum of physical condition.


  1. Lluís Estasen Refuge-Sant Jordi Refuge

  2. Sant Jordi Refuge.- NIu de l'Aliga Refuge

  3. Eagle's Nest-Cortals or Ingle's Refuge

  4. Refugi de Cortals or the Ingle-Refugi Prat d 'Aguiló

  5. Prat d 'Aguiló Refuge-Lluís Estasen Refuge.                  



Day 1:  From the Refugi (1668msnm,) to Estasen to the Refugi sant Jordi (1565msnm.) at the refuge, Highly recommended option. 'Good morning', we will head towards the Gresollet refuge (1275. Msnm), a fairly gentle section with descents and some small ascents, crossing charming landscapes and small streams, here we will take a short break, to regain strength and go to the refuge of Sant Jordi where we will pass by the neck of the bauma and the neck of the bandage, now if we start to get taller, we will see the incredible kettle of the dairy, which with a little luck will come out water in dojo, it is worth visiting, we will cross the Torrent del forat by the PR C-125, then where it arrives scale the strait d. He writes, after about an hour we will arrive at the Sant Jordi refuge, the end of the first stage, frankly, they could not have chosen a better place, due to the situation, bucolic place.

Distance: 20 kilometers

Hours: 8 p.m.

Elevations: +1102 m / -1237 m

Day 2: From the Sant Jordi Refuge to the Ailgá Nest Refuge (2502 masl) We will have breakfast  very soon, after gaining strength for the day, which we will need, we will start walking, towards the pantry shelter (1640 meters above sea level) on the way it will go up progressively without any steep climb, it is to be thanked, passing by coll d'escriu, in the beautiful clot d'en pere and the hermitage of Sant Andreu, in the refuge of the pantry we will make a stop to recover strength, From here we have in the final section of this stage, section that we will have to take care because here it will start at the accumulated difference in level, where we will make different peaks, which will give us a great panorama of the area, which does not  will leave us speechless, at the first peak we will make serrat gran (2402msnm.), from here we will go down to the Comabella pass, perfect to regain strength and contemplate the beautiful views it will give, we will make the Puig de Comabella (2426msnm.) That It will give us another great panorama, from this point to the refuge nest of the eel we have an hour or so where we will have the option to do at the top of La Tosa (2537msnm.) Who still has strength, Probably the environment from the shelter will leave us amazed, These are the priceless moments ..

Distance: 20 kilometers

Hours: 7 p.m.

Elevations: +939 m / -1744m

Dai3: From the aliga nest shelter to the Cortals or Ingle refuge. peaks again, this day should be noted that we will have more negative than non-positive. The first hill we will make will be the modest hill of the cold canal (2337.) after a while we will cross the yoke pass and the miqueleta pass. After passing through these passes, we will go to the top of the high rocks (2279 .) where we will have great views over the Moixeró, now it's time to get to the refuge of the Serrat de las Esposes, where we will have an incredible viewpoint, where we will stop for a while, to have a small snack and rehydrate. We have less left! Final stretch. that we will have a good stretch of track, that will make us advance faster, we will cross the pass of the cold source, We will follow the GR-107 until the shelter of cortals, an hour of march! Today it's time to rest in another charming place, what peace of mind to rest in places like these.

Distance: 20.7 kilometers

Hours: 7 p.m.

Elevations: +556 m / -1543 m

Day 4: From the English courtyards to the Prat d'aguiló Refuge (2010 masl) We will gather strength early. We will take the GR 150.1, cross the vimbosca pass, after this magnificent pass, we will go to Cap de Pradell (2218.) and Estalabars (2208.), from where we will be able to see the route we have taken this day. , we will go down to the cow pass and the ox pass, where we will know why it is called that, I'm sure you'll love it, we'll cross the plain of the crosses and after an hour we'll be at the eagle meadow refuge, an idyllic place With a spectacular panoramic view of the north face of the caddy, peace and tranquility is what best defines this place. Winter is known for its steep walls, so loved by the bravest.


Distance: 11 kilometers

Hours: 8 p.m.

Elevations: +820 m / -321 m

Day 5: Last day of the journey Refugi prat d'aguiló Refugi Lluís Estasen (1668) This last section. It is one of the smoothest of the journey, thank you. , but we will certainly not have any problems, the effort is worth it, where we will have a panoramic view of the two sides of the Cadí, we will have the option and highly recommended to do at the top of Aguiló (2494 meters above sea level), puig from the fountain tordera (2526.) and to the mythical comabona (2554.) We will reconnect the Pr C-124, downhill, finally! We will cross the Prat Llong where after a while in the Pr it will become a track, very comfortable until the Lluís Estasen refuge, there is no loss!

Distance: 12.5 kilometers

Hours: 5.30am

Elevations: +470 m / -810 m


Important: The budget is for four nights in a full board shelter and five days of travel, if on the last day, instead of going down directly, customers who want to stay in bed will have an extra supplement, which will be borne by customers. We recommend that day you go to sleep in the shelter to rest.


  • Group 2 people  € 680 per person.

  • Group 3 people: € 537 per person.

  • Group of 4 people: € 464 per person.

  • Group 5 people: € 423 per person.

  • Group 6 people: € 396 per person.

  • Groups of more than 6 people, see.

The price of the trip includes:

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Photographic Report.

  • Overnight, meals  of the Refuge and picnic. (Showers do not enter.)

     What's not included in the price:

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • drinks and extra meals.

  • Expenses for abandoning the route,

  • Safety route changes / weather changes.

Individual Material.

  • High cane mountain boots

  • It is essential to wear suitable mountain clothes for the activity, (long pants, shorts, short t - shirts and some long breathable. raincoat covers backpack for rain and poncho, sun hat caps for nights optional.

  • Breathable raincoat and jacket,

  • Telescopic trekking poles.

  • Sun protection (sunscreen, minimum factor 3 sunglasses,)

  • Lunch for the first day  (sandwich  proper food.) 

  • Sheet bag

  • Water, front

  • Backpack suitable for the activity.


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