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Self-rescue course

Canyons Self-Rescue Course: This course is intended only for people with experience in the world of canyons, we recommend having completed both courses, both beginners in canyons and advanced canyoning, to ensure that the student has the necessary knowledge for this course and we will assimilate the training of the course, in this self-rescue course we will teach techniques such as tracing a wounded person to the head, knot crossing, cutting the rope, etc.

Course objectives.

  • Recover an injured person.


  • No knots.


  • Get off an injured person


  • Polipasts.


  • Progress by rope.


  • First aid.


  • security protocol.


  • Risk management.



Individual Material


  • Water and food.


  • Comfortable clothes.


  • Canyon boots or mountain boots. A small backpack


  • Individual material, to get acquainted (Optional.)


Duration of the course: The self-rescue course lasts three days, the guide will contact all the students, in this communication he will state the place, time and how to get there. On this first weekend, on the first day (Saturday), we will do all the internships mentioned in the course objectives, then we will do a briefing with doubts and things to work on individually and what needs to be reinforced. On Sunday we will go to make a dry ravine or with little water the guide will decide, where we will put into practice everything learned, after the ravine we will do a briefing where everyone will give feedback and re-mark what needs to be worked on for the next day. On the third day of the activity we will do a water canyon where we will practice everything we have worked these days, but already more autonomously.


1 persona......................300€

2 Persones.....................250€

3 persones .......... .........180€


4 Persones o més Consulteu



  • Tècnic esportiu.


  • Assegurança d' accidents


  • Responsabilitat civil.


  • Material de l' activitat.

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