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Barrancs Advanced Course

Advanced canyoning course: A course in which we will provide students with the knowledge and tools to progress through the ravines with self-sufficiency and provide sufficient tools to be able to face different situations, inside the ravines, handrail installation, guided rappelling, etc. , in order to be able to do this course, it is recommended to have knowledge of shantytown techniques or to have done it in the introductory course. What we ask for is basic to be able to learn the advanced maneuvers of canyoning, as it takes time and technique to learn and assimilate them.

Course objectives.

  • Different locking keys.


  • Handrail installation.


  • Installation of guided rappels.


  • Descend by guided rappels.


  • Risk management.


  • Group management.


  • Water movements.


  • Jumping technique and slides.


Course duration: Course of three days, divided into two different weeks, a first weekend where they stayed at the place determined by the guide, 'will notify a few days before and will pass all the information of the course and location. we will do a briefing, where we will explain everything we will do, we will make a small presentation, where doubts, questions will come out, then we will start the practices of all the amended to objectives of the course, we will work the most important parts. talk with doubts and things to solve. The next day we will do a water canyon to be determined by the guide and we will put everything into practice, after the canyon we will do a small briefing with the sharing of everything we have done and what remains to be done. Next week we will stay where the activity guide says and we will make a more aquatic ravine, we will work what is left to work if there is something left, the idea of this last ravine is for the students to act as guides and they do all the maneuvers and management of the group.


  • Sports coach.


  • Accident insurance


  • Civil liability.


  • Activity material.

Individual Material

  • Water and food.


  • Comfortable clothes.


  • Canyon boots or mountain boots. A small backpack


  • Individual material, to get acquainted (Optional.)


1 Person ...................... € 300

2 People ..................... 220 €

3 people .................... 180 €


4 People Or more See

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