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Advanced course on the via Ferradas

Advanced course on the via ferrata: This course is aimed at all those who have completed the first level or have some experience in the world of via ferrata, this course will allow you to progress independently by beginner and level via ferrata half safe, we will perfect the techniques learned and learn new techniques that will give us new tools while overcoming a conflicting point / step on the via ferrata or helping a partner.



Course duration: The course duration is two days, a first day in which we will do an explanatory talk on everything we will do and work and a second practical part that we will do an introductory way to work all the amended contents .On the second day we will do a medium / high level via ferrata where we will put ourselves in a situation, facing different problems that we may have and we will practice the ways to be able to solve it.

Individual Material


  • Water and food.


  • Comfortable clothes.


  • Comfortable slippers (preferably hiking boots.)


  • A small backpack


  • Individual material, to get acquainted (Optional.)


1 person ...................... 200 €

2 People ..................... € 145

3  people or more consult



  • Sports coach.


  • Accident insurance


  • Civil liability.


  • Activity material.

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