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Avalanche Victim Search Course

Avalanche Victim Search Course (dva); Avalanche victim search course, this course is intended for all those who want to learn how to use the dva (arva.) Probe and shovel, to be able to go to a snowy environment more safely and know how to act in case an avalanche to catch a partner and how to progress through avalanche terrain safely.



Course objectives.

  • Security protocol  

  • Victim search.

  • Different research systems.


  • Progress safely.

  • First aid.

  • Multi-victim search.

Duration: It lasts a whole weekend, the place will be determined when the date is approaching as we need a good thickness of snow to be able to do the course with optimal conditions, the place and time will be passed to the guide or guides and how to get there. The course will be divided into two  parts, a theoretical part, where we will explain how the dva works in the victim search protocol, etc. and a part  practice where we will work the search for victim / victims with dva.






  • Sports coach.


  • Accident insurance


  • Civil liability.


  • Activity material.


Individual Material

  • Water and food.


  • Warm clothes (and raincoats.)

  • Replacement socks.


  • Mountaineering boots

  • sunglasses

  • Individual material, to get acquainted (Optional.)


  • Snow gloves  



1 Person ...................... € 300

2 People ..................... 220 €

3 people ...................... 180 €

4 people or more See

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