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Orientation course

Orientation Course: Orientation course where we will learn how to orient ourselves, take an azimuth and a course, bequeath maps and position ourselves, etc. We will learn to design an itinerary and what we must keep in mind when doing so, this course we will alternate theoretical part with practical part, lasting two to ten.

Course objectives.

  • Read the caption on a map.

  • Design an itinerary.

  • Guide us with different elements.

  • Take an azimuth and a course.

  • Learn to use a compass.

  • Learn to use the curvometer.

Duration of the course: It lasts two days, the guide or guides of the course will contact you and give you the place and time of stay and how to get there, the course lasts two days with which we will alternate theory with practical classes, within the practical classes we will work on an orientation circuit that will help us to learn better how to interpret the maps and use the compass.


  • Sports coach.


  • Accident insurance


  • Civil liability.


  • Activity material.


Individual Material


  • Water and food.


  • Comfortable clothes.


  • Hiking boots. A small backpack


  • Individual material, to get acquainted. (Optional.) Compass, curve, pencil, paper.


1 Person ...................... 200 €

2 People ..................... 120€

3 People ...................... 100 €

4People or mass Consult

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