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Barrancs introductory course

Barrancs introductory course; This training is recommended for those who do canyoning frequently and want to gain some autonomy while progressing safely, you will learn the basic maneuvers of canyoning so that after this course you can go downhill canyoning, The idea of this course, is to give the necessary tools to the student to progress through the ravines safely, we repeat that is focused on initiation ravines, is a course to get started in the world of ravines.

Course objectives.


  • How to Manage Risk


  • Different methods  of Rappelling.


  • Lock key.


  • Installation assembly.

  • Hand assembly and how to progress.


  • Material management


  • Read topographies and dangers of the ravines.


  • Origins of Canyoning.

Course duration: We will divide the course into two or three days depending on the evolution of the group, on the first day, we will be in a place to be determined by the teachers, where we will do the internship. First of all we will have a talk with the explanation of the material and origins of canyoning and its evolution, then we will do practices on how to install the abseils, how to place it on the downhill and the different ways, how to progress to a hand pass, locking keys, etc. after and before the end of the day we will give feedback with questions, doubts.

The next day we will go to a dry ravine or with very little water where we will practice everything we learned, we will spend everything in the day. Afterwards or depending on the timetables, we will go to an Aquatic ravine where we will work on everything we have learned in the course and where we will see what the dangers of canyoning are and how to deal with the dangers.


  • Tècnic esportiu.


  • Assegurança d'accidents


  • Responsabilitat civil.


  • Material de l'activitat.


Material Individual

  • Aigua i menjar.

  • Roba còmode.


  • Botes de barrancs o unes botes de muntanya. Una motxilla petita


  • Material individual, per familiaritzar-se.(Opcional.)


1 Persona......................300 €

2 Persones.....................220 €

3 Persones ......................180€


4 Persones o més Consulteu.

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