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Monographic snow shelters

Snow Shelter Construction Monograph: Will We Learn How to Build Snow Shelters? imagine that we are on the road and we are lost, disoriented, we are tired or a companion or we have hurt ourselves (not to be serious.) and we have to spend the night in the snow and we have nowhere to spend the night.  this  reason we will learn how to make snow shelters in a short time and effectively, and when we try, we will sleep inside this shelter made by ourselves, do you think it will withstand a snow shelter?

Course objectives.

  • Construction of snow shelters

  • How to work in a team

  • How to isolate ourselves

  • Security protocol.

  • Sleeping bag and waterproof cover.

Individual Material

  • Water and food.


  • Warm clothes (and raincoats.)

  • Replacement socks.


  • Mountaineering boots

  • sunglasses

  • Individual material, to get acquainted (Optional.)


  • Snow gloves  

  • Snow shoes.


Duration: The duration of the monograph on the construction of snow shelters is a whole weekend, the dates will be determined by the guide or guides, which will determine the best date for the snowfall, as to make this monograph in good condition we need a lot. snow, all students a few days before will receive a statement with place and time of stay and how to get there. On the first day we will do a briefing with an explanation of everything we will do, as well as the material we will use, we will go to the place where we will do the shelters. We will go to the shelters and settle in them and spend the night, the next day we will dismantle the shelters and leave.



1 person ...................... 220 €

2 People ..................... 120 €

3 people ...................... 100 €

4 people o more consult


  • Sports coach.


  • Accident insurance


  • Civil liability.


  • Activity material.

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