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Montserrat 360º

Montserrat 360º

When we talk about Montserrat , we get the image of the mountain of climbers, of that very special rock and of those unique shapes in the world. We also get the image of the imposing Benedictine Monastery and the incredible history behind it. Of the pilgrims who come year after year to visit this monastery, which is a great work of art of the Middle Ages.


From Pyrenees Extrem we want to offer you an incredible route, which without a doubt will not leave you indifferent: The "Montserrat 360 °" where we will discover incredible places that will amaze you and where we will learn about its great wealth in the field of flora and wildlife! Come and discover the Monstserrat Mountain Natural Park and its magical corners.




We will find incredible needles that will leave you speechless and have a large number of visitors, ready to climb its imposing conglomerate walls. Without a doubt Montserrat is a magical mountain, where we will discover and learn curiosities and a great experience that will stay with us forever!


This itinerary is planned in two days. On the first day we will go up by cable car to the Monastery of Montserrat , we will go to Sant Benet passing by the incredible passage of the French where we will learn why it is called that. With its vertical stairs we will take height and we will go towards Santa Cecília . Once there we will be able to watch one of the most emblematic needles, the Cavall Bernat , so loved by many climbers. We can also see the imposing Devil's Wall that will surely not leave you indifferent!


We will continue along the GR-172 in a westerly direction until La Foradada, where we will cross different regions such as La Tebaida, La Tabor, Els Ecos, Els Encantats, until we reach Les Agulles .


We will go to the refuge of Sant Vicenç Barbé passing by the Guirló pass and the Pas de la Portella where we will have to make a small climb to put ourselves to the test, but we will surely overcome it. Once at the shelter, it's time to gather strength with a great homemade meal and a good rest!




The second day we will go to the Coll del Porc and Coll del Miracle, here we are waiting for some sections of the climb, but with the incredible views we will have the effort will be rewarded. From here the path is easier, we will go down to the Roca Plana dels Llamps , where we will see mythical needles such as the Sphinx , the Montgròs and the Salamander. From here we will go to the viewpoint of Sant Jeroni, but first we will make a first peak, the Albarda castellana of 1177msnm. Now yes, let's go to the top and climb to the highest point of Montserrat, Sant Jeron and, with its 1217 meters above sea level.


From Sant Jeroni the path is more comfortable, we will take direction Pas de

T rencabarrals and through the oak forest, where we will pass near other needles such as the Gorra Marinera . We are close!


We head towards the Monastery of Montserrat where we will finish the route.



Itinerary day 1: Monastery of Montserrat - Sant Benet - Santa Cecilia - La Foradada - Coll de Guirló - La Portella - Refuge d'Agulles.

Itinerary day 2: Agulles Refuge - Coll de Porc - Sant Jeroni - Pas del Trencabarrals - Montserrat Monastery.

Elevation gain: 2250 m positive and 2250 m negative with a length of 25 km.

Difficulty: Difficult

Material to wear: Sunglasses (minimum protection factor 3 or 4), waterproof high mountain boots (optional), two pairs of thick socks, thermal t-shirt (1 layer), mountain pants (second layer), t-shirt long-sleeved (thin fleece), waterproof jacket, windproof gloves, puff and a hat. Backpack of about 30 liters.

Food to bring: You must bring water, at least one liter bottle, food (bars one or two sandwiches minimum and some fruit. Where to stay: Monastery of Montserrat

  • Dins del preu de la sortida és inclós:

  • Guiatge de l' activitat amb guía/es titulats i assesorament.

  • Assegurança de Responsabilitat civil(RC.) i d' accidents.

  • Reportatge Fotografic.

  • Allotjament  apats.

  • Pernocta al refugi.

       El que no entra al preu:

  • Apats i begudes de més.

  • Transport.

  • Tot el que no s' ha anomenat.

    • 1persona250 €

    • 2persones 225€/per.

    • 3 a 4 Persones 200€/per

    • 5 a 6 persones 175€/per

    • Més de 6 persones 150€/per.

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