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Circular in the Puigmal

When we hear about Puigmal  , we are told that it is one of the routes with the most visitors, but when we hear the name of the Puigmal we also get an image of one of the most emblematic peaks of  Catalonia  with its 2914 meters rising above sea level. Without a doubt, the person who has done it in Puigmal can never leave you indifferent, no matter how many times you do it you will not get tired of doing this summit and if you have never done it, you already have a goal and an experience that you will never forget. Puigmal is located in the Ripollès region, Eastern Pyrenees. It is at the top of the county. Although it looks like a simple mountain, you should never miss it, as there have been several people who have had an accident on this iconic mountain.

The route we present below is a circular route that starts from the Fontalba pass , located at 2070 meters, from this point we will leave towards Puigmal, passing first by the top of the Dou 2471msnm,  on the way at the beginning it climbs progressively, which is aggravated during the route we will enjoy the incredible views that we have at all times, once past the top of the Dou, the difference is more and more noticeable, until you reach the cradle that here begins the steepest climb to reach the Puigmal 2914msnm, the effort has been worth it, we will have an impressive panorama, We are on the roof of Ripollès!

From the top of Puigmal or Puigmal d'Er  we have to take the coma path of  the funnel  or direction Núria the descent is noticeable, at no time on the way will we be disappointed, once in Núria Enjoying the impressive lake and the Bucòlic place where it is in the sanctuary of Núria we will take a short break to gain strength, we will head towards Barraca de Gombrèn  to get back to the Fontalba pass where we will finish the route.

Itineraries;  Coll de Fontalba-Cim de la Dou-el Bressol-Puigmal-Coma de l-Embut-Forat de l-Embut-Núria-Barraca de Gombren- Collada de Fontalba

Difficulty: Moderate

Slope:  1000 meters of positive gradient in 15.5 Kms

Material to wear: Sunglasses (minimum protection factor 3 or 4), waterproof high mountain boots (optional), two pairs of thick socks, thermal t-shirt (1 layer), mountain pants (second layer), t-shirt long-sleeved (thin fleece), waterproof jacket, windproof gloves, puff and a hat. Backpack of about 30 liters.

Food to bring: You must bring water, at least one liter bottle, food (bars one or two sandwiches minimum and some fruit.

Where we will stay: Ribes de Freser

  • The price of the trip includes:

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Photographic Report.

  • Snack at the end of the activity.

     What's not included in the price:

  • Extra meals and drinks.

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • Accommodation or meals.

  • Overnight at the shelter (optional.)

  • 1 person150 €

  • 2 people 75 € / per.

  • 3 to 4 People 65 € / per

  • 5 to 6 people 55 € / per

  • More than 6 people 45 € / per.

  • (Included in the price is the Rental of the Material.)

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