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Snowshoes on the full moon in the Estanys de la Pera

The Estanys de la Pera Refuge is  located at 2357 meters above sea level, in the Cerdanya region, an ideal area for snowshoeing.

We will enjoy this landscape by taking a tour of  little slope, covered  with a white carpet of snow and ice, under a magical full moonlight, that will leave you enchanted.

We will also learn curiosities about the flora and fauna of the environment, always with the utmost respect for nature.

After this route we will go to the shelter, where they will wait for us with hot drink and food to recover, and the next day  we will return to the cars.

Do you want to miss it?

Saturday: Climb to the Estanys de la Pera Refuge, where we will take a walk  after dinner around the Refuge, taking advantage of the full moonlight.

Sunday: climb to the peak of Colilla 2836 (optional.) I  it will depend on the weather and terrain conditions.  Return to the Pear Lake Refuge and return to the Arànser ski resort. (optional.) I  it will depend on the weather and terrain conditions.


Itinerary: Aransa Nordic Ski Resort  - Estanys de la Pera Refuge - Estanys de la Pera - Estanys de la Pera Refuge -   Parking.  


Elevation gain: 476 meters of elevation gain to the refuge of the  Estanys de la Pera, once in the shelter we will do to make the activity of snowshoes in full moon we will make a difference of about 100-200 meters at the most.


Difficulty: Initiation-Moderate


Material to wear: Sunglasses (minimum protection factor 3 or 4), waterproof high mountain boots, two or three pairs of thick socks, trousers and thermal T-shirt (1st layer), warm pants (2nd layer), waterproof jacket and pants (3rd layer), waterproof gloves, other warm gloves and spare ones, front, spare clothes, mountain backpack of about 30  liters.

Food you have  to bring: You must bring water, at least a one-liter water bottle, food (bars, at least one or two sandwiches and a piece of fruit).

where we will stay: We will stay at the ski resort car park  northern Aransa.

The price of the trip includes:

  • The dinner of the day we arrived, the breakfast and the picnic the next day.

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Accommodation in the Estany de la Pera refuge. ​​

     What's not included in the price:

  • Extra meals and drinks.

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • Accommodation


  • 1 person € 150

  • 2 people 75 € / per.

  • 3 to 4 People 65 € / per

  • 5 to 6 people 55 € / per

  • More than 6 people 45 € / per.

(Included in the price is the Rental of the Material.)

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