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Vallter refuge

if killed in Ripollès, this circular route that we propose to you, is ideal for all ages, to enter this exciting world, which is snowshoeing, where we will learn how to use the material, how to put and how to progress. We will discover corners of the natural park of the headwaters of the ter freser, which will surely not leave you indifferent. from there we will see the most famous climbs that make up the peaks that surround us and we will also pass by the old refuge of ulldeterens we  they will explain, how it was used as a refuge and its history, which will surely surprise us and as a final point of the route we will reach the source of the river ter hence the name of the vallter ski slopes, where with help from the guide we will learn  a bit of the flora and fauna so diverse that surrounds us, I'm sure you won't want to miss it, come and enjoy the heads of the ter and freser with us !! Where we will spend an incredible night in the moonlight, enjoying the sea of stars that will give us that magnificent setting!

Itinerary: Parking shelter ulldeter-refuge ulldeter-old refuge of ulldeter-birth river ter-refuge ulldeter-parking ulldeter.

Elevation gain: 300 meters, route lasting three hours.

Difficulty: Initiation.

Material needed  wear: Sunglasses (protection factor  minimum 3 or 4), waterproof high mountain boots, two or three pairs of thick socks, pants and thermal T-shirt, (first layer), warm pants (second layer), jacket and waterproof pants (third  coat), waterproof gloves, other protective gloves and spare gloves, front, spare clothes, mountain backpack  about 30  liters,  

Food to bring: You must bring at least one liter water bottle, food (bars one or two sandwiches minimum and some fruit .

where we will stay: We will be in the lower car park of Vallter 2000.

     The price of the trip includes:

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Photographic Report.

     What's not included in the price:

  • Extra meals and drinks.

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • Accommodation

  • 1 person € 150 per.

  • 2 people € 75 / per.

  • 3 to 4 People € 65 / per

  • 5 to 6 people € 55 / per

  • More than 6 people € 45 / per.

(Included in the price is the Rental of the Material.)

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