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Crossing the Refuges

Crossing of the three Refuges: The crossing of the three refuges is located in the Natural Park of the headwaters of the ter Freser. It is named after the three shelters where we will spend the night. We have the possibility of doing the route in three days or five days, this trip can be one of the most beautiful we can do in the eastern Pyrenees, we will pass by three shelters, located in a unique environment with great beauty that will surely not leave us indifferent. That they are in the shelters of olldeter, refuge of carançà and in the refuge of coma of cow. High mountain route, with a great wealth in terms of flora and fauna, where we will learn about the flora and fauna of the different corners, through which we will pass. We will discover incredible places like the valley of bacivers lake of carança, river carança and river Freser.



  1. Refuge  d 'Ulldeter-Refugi ras de Carançà.

  2. Ras de carançà refuge-Cmoa de Vaca refuge

  3. Cmoa de Vaca Refuge-Ulldeter Refuge.



Day 1: We will stay in the town of Setcases, from there we will set off towards the car park of the Ulldeter Refuge. Once in this, we will prepare, to start the journey, finally this day has arrived, what a desire !! Once prepared, we will head towards the refuge of the bird's eye view (2200 masl) following the GR-11.25 minutes on the road, where we will follow for a while on the river Ter, once in the refuge, we will see the incredible views and large buckwheat grain. Now we will go towards Coll de la Geganta which is straddling between the Piciments de Bastiments and Pic de la Dona, once in the Coll de la Geganta, we will have a great panorama of the valley of bacivers , just to be here is worth it, we will go down towards the valley of bacivers, accompanied by its river, after a while we will reach a forest, where we will find the small and curious wooden hut of pla de bacivers, in the Soon we will connect with the Gr-10 which will immediately take us to the incredible surroundings of the refuge of Ras de Carançà (1831 masl). Here we have the option to extend the route to the peaks of Pic Gallinàs and Rodó (2624 mi 2677 m) we have to add 3 more hours, approximately.

Distance: 7.8 kilometers
Hours: 3 hours
Elevations: +369 m, -773 m

Day 2: Ras de Carançà refuge at coma de vaca (1995msnm.) After resting and enjoying this idyllic setting and with the gastronomy of this refuge, we will soon head to refuge coma de vaca , we start on the ascent following the incredible Carança river through alpine meadows and small Alpine forests, where you will surely learn to identify different species. Like the yellow Marcòlic. We will cross an incredible area of wetlands, with some meanders that look like shots from a movie, we will reach the great lake of Carançà or the trout, which has a great beauty, with its crystal clear waters where it is waiting of your visitors, here we will take a short break. After some steep climbs, we will reach the neck of Carança, we will go down through the inhospitable valley of cow coma, which no matter how much the visitor leaves you always without words, tranquility and calm, are the words, where surely we can enjoy of fauna like chamois and mouflons that graze solitary by these valleys, that have a great beauty. After a while we will arrive where the valleys of Freser and cow coma converge, we have already arrived at the refuge !, (we will have the option and highly recommended to do at the famous peak of Torreneules) 2711msnm. We have to add another 1.45 hours.

Distance: 12.8 kilometers
Hours: 6 hours
Elevations: +892 m, -728 m

Day 3 : Cow coma refuge to ulldeter refuge (2220msnm.) We will get up very early to make a good breakfast of fork and knife, we will need strength for the last stage of the journey We will follow the river ter, always ascending, By the Gr- 11.1 course to the Marrana pass where we will enjoy the Freser river, with its spectacular waterfalls and gorges where we will learn curiosities, as this river has one of the most beautiful ravine descents in the Pyrenees, during the route with a little Luckily we will be able to see some groundhogs. to the peaks of .Bastiments (2881msnm.) and grain of Fajol (2708msnm.) We must add two more hours from the neck of the marrana we will not leave The Gr-11, that will take us until the refuge of Ulldeter. Where we can enjoy a spectacular lunch with views over the unbeatable buckwheat grain!

Distance: 6 kilometers
Hours: 3 hours
Elevations: +534 m / -294 m

Note: We have the option of making this trip longer, which will be distributed in five stages, the route will vary slightly. With a distance of 56.18 kilometers and a cumulative difference of more than 3100 meters, if we decide to do all the peaks (optional.) the accumulated elevation gain will reach 6000 meters.

  1. Queralbs-cow-like refuge.

  2. Cow coma refuge-Ulldeter refuge

  3. Ulldeter refuge- Ras de Carançà refuge

  4. Shelter of Carança-Shelter like a cow

  5. Cow coma refuge-Vall de Núria.

Prices: Cross three days (two nights and three days.)

  • Group of 2 people: € 780 per person *

  • Group 3 people: 600 per person

  • Group 4 people: 510 per person

  • Group 5 people: 455 per person 

  • Group 6 people: 420 per person

  • Groups of more than 6 people, see.

Prices: Cross four days (four nights and five days.)

  • Group of 2 people: € 780 per person *

  • Group 3 people: 600 per person

  • Group 4 people: 510 per person

  • Group 5 people: 455 per person 

  • Group 6 people: 420 per person

  • Groups of more than 6 people, see.


The price of the trip includes:

  • Activity guidance with qualified guide (s) and advice.

  • Liability and accident insurance.

  • Photographic Report.

  • Overnight, meals  of the Refuge and picnic. (Showers do not enter.)

     What's not included in the price:

  • Transportation.

  • Everything that has not been named.

  • drinks and extra meals.

  • Expenses for abandoning the route,

  • Safety route changes / weather changes.


Individual Material.

  • High cane mountain boots

  • It is essential to wear suitable mountain clothes for the activity, (long pants, shorts, short t - shirts and some long breathable. raincoat covers backpack for rain and poncho, sun hat caps for nights optional.

  • Breathable raincoat and jacket,

  • Telescopic trekking poles.

  • Sun protection (sunscreen, minimum factor 3 sunglasses,)

  • Lunch for the first day  (sandwich  proper food.) 

  • Sheet bag

  • Water, front

  • Backpack suitable for the activity.

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